Garden Island GAF

Garden Island

Spectacular mystical jazz infused psychedelics from Canary islands cult band GAF. Adopting a series of different addendums to their names (Love Supreme Arkestra, La Estrela de la Muerte, etc) to illustrate what mutation or influence they are feeding through at the time of recording, the Love Supreme Arkestra here being the more Coltrane-ish (Alice more than John) and Sun Ra-esque influenced the matic of the project. Over a series of 7 huge sounding themes, we can hear saxophones, marimbas and rhythmic sections intertwining like spiral snakes over a burning sea of lava. Recorded live over a completely improvised jam session on a sunny afternoon in the mountainous region of La Esperanza in Tenerife, the band lets rip free of any previous albums sound and instead purge themselves into a world of musical liberation by embracing the aforementioned pioneers of the genre whilst taking their surroundings as a new...  more
released April 29, 2022

GAF & The Love Supreme Arkestra:

Mladen Kurajica: Synthesizers
Felipe González Cabezas: Drums
Eduardo Villalobos: Bass
César Chinarro: Guitar
Olivier Dubois: Alto Saxophone and Soprano
Ricardo Marichal: Tenor Saxophone
Alejandro Padrón: Trumpet and Herreño whistle
César Martín: Marimba

Music by Gaf & The Love Supreme Arkestra
Improvised and recorded live on a sunny day in November 2012 at Liquen Audio studio, La Esperanza, Tenerife by Daniel Badal. No overdubs or edits were done.
Produced by Mladen Kurajica in Tenerife 2021.
Mixed by Jorge Lozano in Los Realejos
Post-produced by Daniel Baez at Banana Plantation Studio
Mastered by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin 2021.
Artwork by Sema Castro
Photography by José L. Camejo
Design by Felipe González Cabezas
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