Sun Araw

Aquapelagos II: Pacífico

Sun Araw (EEUU)
Spencer Clark (EEUU)

The continuation of our Aquapelagos series, after ATLANTICO sessions featuring Portuguese duo Banha da Cobra and Tenerife act Lagoss braced us with their aquatic re-interpretations on the theme we now welcome pacific shore based, US west coast artist SUN ARAW to complete the second part of the PACIFICO chapter. 

After Monopoly Child Star Searchers (Spencer Clark, US) week long synth improvisations back in July 2021, we now go deeper into the Pacific inspired landscape with another Californian native, Sun Araw (Cameron Stallones, US) and his now famed long form psychedelic infused jams that made him collaborate in the past with artists as varied as roots reggae giants The Congos (Jamaica) or North American supergroup Vibes (US). Expect unpredictable burst of positive energy, sun drenched mellow tunes and surf inspired landscapes through sound, soul and vision.