From the ashes of the legendary Tenerife underground scene tripulated by the Drone Collective arises Tupperwear, an organic electronica duo founded in 1999 by Daniel García (Salétile) and Mladen Kurajica (GAF). Since then they have been unleashing their sensory electronic exploration on the world through their intense and unclassifiable live shows and a series of albums and EPs as uncompromising as they are exciting. In 2021 they published “Saturno Mágico” together with the Brazilian-American trio São Paulo Underground (Rob Mazurek, Mauricio Takara and Guilherme Granado), and the result of another memorable artistic residency at the El Tanque Cultural Space. An unclassifiable EP where sounds that drink from tropical jazz, Chicago post rock and traditional Canarian music flow freely, achieving a totally intoxicating lysergic atmosphere that makes them receive the approval of musical media as prestigious as The Wire Magazine.. Tupperwear has released three albums so far, being their acclaimed retro futuristic Mokele Mbembe with Keroxen in 2018 their latest.