Gaf y la estrella de la muerte

GAF and its different incarnations are one of the greatest exponents of psychedelia and space rock in Spain, always eager to experiment and explore new sounds, structures and sensations. Their powerful and lysergic live shows are also legendary. Since 2010 they have released albums with the prestigious Barcelona label Foehn Records, toured in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Perú, Colombia, China or Japan (couple of times) to name few, taken part in international festivals such as Womad, Primavera Sound, FIB Benicassim, festival Marvin or SKIF festival in San Petersburg, Russia and collaborated with artists such as Damo Suzuki (Can), Stephen Lawrie (The Telescopes) or Rob Mazurek (Isotope 217, Chicago Underground, Exploding Star Orchestra etc.) In 2018 and as GAF and La Estrella de la Muerte, they released their outstanding “Gamma Bay”, an approach to psychedelic rock and shoegaze, managing to sound even more energetic. With the Love Supreme format Arkestra they have just released “Garden Island” (Keroxen/Discrepant/Foehn Records 2022), a double album where the mutant collective from Tenerife delves into the exploration of sounds close to ambient, psychedelia and the wildest free jazz, and where they have for the occasion a section of wind instruments and marimbas. An outstanding release that includes the artwork of the well known Gran Canarian painter Sema Castro.